Our Philosophy

What makes UNIbrace different and why is unibody bracing important?

Stiffer is always better! Unibody bracing increases overall vehicle stiffness, which leads to overall improvements in handling dynamics, braking, and comfort. A unibody can never be too rigid because the best way to increase handling and comfort is centered in the suspension. Unlike the body, the suspension is designed to address both low speed and high speed movements in a quick, accurate, and measured manor. The more the body deflects this slows the suspension’s reaction time, reducing performance and comfort. For this reason manufactures are constantly striving to improve the rigidity of their cars. While massive improvements are made with each new model and generation, in all non-race cars there is room for improvement, especially when enthusiasts make changes to components, such as suspension, brakes, ECU tuning, and tires. Each of these modifications put more stress on the unibody, which also needs to be reinforced to better balance the vehicle. This is why unibody bracing can provide a greater foundation as either your first improvement to get the most out of your car as it came from the factory, or as a means of refining handling, driving feel, and balance for subsequent modifications.

At UNIbrace we take great care in achieving this balance, through the addition of strategically designed devices, to tune the balance and handling of your car. Anyone can make a car stiffer, but to do so in a strong, lightweight manner without sacrificing utility, driving flexibility, or comfort are what makes UNIbrace distinctive and what we work so hard to achieve in all of our products. Unibody bracing is the sole focus that we have worked tirelessly to achieve since 2005. We continuously make design revisions and develop new products as the enthusiast community makes requests and provides feedback. This responsiveness and attention to detail are the cornerstones of our mission and comes from the fusion of our engineering, design, performance, and car obsession. As fellow enthusiasts we demand this obsession and hope you feel the same way.

Many of our competitors’ products are made out of steel. However, the use of steel has many problems besides the potential for rust. While steel is inherently stronger, choosing steel brings a weight penalty and welding the material requires high skill, which translates into high labor costs or manufacture in low wage countries. Both options are unacceptable as this focuses manufacture on labor costs rather than on leveraging advanced CNC production techniques. Our ultimate goal is to produce superior products, so at UNIbrace we only use the highest grade U.S. specified and sourced aluminum with ASTM material designations (American Society for Testing and Materials). For UNIbrace this is both a philosophical and an engineering proposition; we design using the best, lightest materials, which are engineered precisely for each use and reproduced by computer controlled machines to exact, repeatable tolerances in order to present our customers with the highest value products available. For us, this is the true value proposition as the cost goes into a higher quality material and production techniques rather than in paying for labor where mistakes can be made and quality is uncertain. In finishing our products, we only use environmentally applied, automotive high temperature powder coating to continue this quality throughout the finished product.

Made in the USA, our products are not cheap, but by selecting UNIbrace you are purchasing the best quality products and receiving the highest value while supporting a small, highly skilled U.S. fabricator with 17 years experience. This means a lot to us, as we are not only supporting U.S. manufacturing, but also providing exceptional quality to the worldwide automotive enthusiast community. As car enthusiasts, we modify our vehicles for personalization, refined performance, and enhanced quality. In designing UNIbrace products we honor these goals and strive to make products that not only deliver on their promises, but also exceed your expectations. We know your car is expensive and modifications can sometimes bring with them uncertainty. We understand that you have many choices in what products you purchase. At UNIbrace we want you to make the best modification choices for your car and hope you will choose the highest quality, best performing products: UNIbrace.